Friday, February 25, 2011

Silver Leaf: Yay or Nay?

That's it. I have to refinish my coffee table. The orange color of the mahogany is driving me nuts, and is far too matchy matchy with our "red oak" window treatments. (The choice of the previous home owner). So, I'm thinking of silver leafing the entire thing. What do you think?? Too much bling? Need your opinions dear readers!!


Lora said...

I like the general idea* but don't think it will be fab with the rest of what you have going on there, especially the rug. I would try dark espresso brown paint.

*would look better with a more glam, cool-tone look and either a single color rug or one with a mod graphic design

Kat said...

Thanks Lora...The rug is also not my choice. It was a hand-me down. Welcoming suggestions on what to do with the rug as well. (Just thought that maybe the silver leaf would pick up the silver lamp in the corner?) At any rate, thanks so much for the feedback.