Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love this artwork!

While browsing through Apartment Therapy, we recently ran across this image. The artwork above this bed is beautiful! We've been trying to think of ways to recreate this without too much difficulty...anyone have any ideas?


Sofia said...

Hi there:)

I've seen that picture before and thought the same:P There should be in DIY stores some kind of stickers with high relief or even something in wood... There's always paper glue and paper moulded but I don't think the results would be that great:P

Gilding said...

I'd say it could be re-created to a somewhat similar degree using a large canvas (for time's sake and ease, I'd buy one of those pre-stretched canvases at hobby and craft stores), those wood cutouts that you also find at hobby and craft stores or if you're really ambitious cutting out your own design in that same thin balsam wood, chipboard or felt; apply the cutout design pieces to the canvas and then paint the whole thing white. But since this is just a guess, I'd say try it on a small scale before wasting energy and money .^_^.

SurrealDesign said...

Easily done with stencils and Acrylic Modeling Paste/Structure Paste... Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish :)