Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flower Bomb Light!

I cannot believe that I finished this project! As you probably remember, I was ranting about it in this post here. About half-way through, I almost quit. 1,950 4 cup coffee filters and 120 hot glue sticks later, minus a few fingers from hot glue burns I am finished. It is quite a lovely light, but I do need to purchase a brighter bulb. Again, thanks to Nichole and Kara for the inspiration!

When the light is on, it looks a bit like the smoldering surface of the sun. It adds a warm glow to the whole room.
So, I couldn't help but pin some of these "Ex-Book Worms" on the light. They just add to the flower appeal, don't you think?
My Fluffy Dog. Who also adds to the appeal of the fluffy light.


wendyspies said...


Carissa said...

I LOVE IT!! Can you make me one? Hehehehe

shminta said...

i am 2/3 of the way through mine and stopping on the way home from work for more glue! so happy to see how gorgeous yours turned out, and love the addition of the butterflies...congrats on finishing this ridiculous project!