Monday, August 9, 2010

Goodbye Courtland. (More Design Star Rants)

Inspired by their brunch menu, the contestants shined this week!
I could hardly believe my ears when Courtland Bascon, was eliminated from Design Star tonight. Unfortunately he thought that everyone wanted to see another faux finished "Sedona Arizona" colored wall in a dining space (as evidenced in the below photo). WHY COURLAND?? WHY?? Casey, though not eliminated this week, seems to be kept on the show due to her good looks?? Candice Olson made a comment about how she would draw more men viewers to HGtv.

Courtland, you will be dearly missed, but Michael really kicked your tail with that awesome Neo-Baroque mirror a la Anthropologie style. Emily also preformed quite well with her re-purposed plastic flower chandelier (pictured below) spray painted white.


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