Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Design Star Recap!

So, I've noticed a lack of press on the blog-o-sphere lately about this season of Design Star. Perhaps this is because Courtland is so clearly HGtv's next Golden Child? Perhaps it was because of Nina's charmingly friendly disposition? Or maybe it's that new song? At any rate, there's been some great design this season! Check out these fantastic rooms:Episode 1: Here is Courtland's first design on DesignStar: the white room challenge, where Nina hung him out to dry and he so gracefully protected her from the judges wrath.
Episode 2: each contestant chose an outfit to interpret into the room (some version of Domino Mag's "Turn This Outfit Into a Room").
Episode Three: Using Musical instruments for inspiration, the contestants were to design an outdoor room/garden retreat.
Episode 4: The contestants were to use flowers as inspiration to design the interior of an apartment.
Episode 5: Contestants designed rooms in a fire station for the NYFD. Alex did a great job this episode with his NYC mural.

Episode 7: Highlighting Kenmore appliances for Sears, contestants styled and designed a kitchen for a photo shoot.

So, "why" you may ask is Episode 6 excluded from this recap? Because it was an epic fail for both teams in my opinion. Two luxury apartments for Donald Trump Jr. were designed, and were both pretty terrible.

all images courtesy of HGtv.

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