Monday, July 19, 2010

The Renovations: part II



Table: $4 Estate Sale Find, Lamp: Roost, Sofa: Anthropologie

Wall Decor: Kokostudios

Angel and empty frames: Urban Ore

Little Wooden Birds: Roost

Chair: Ikea, Wall Planter: Wooly Pockets


After! (ok, so the cabinets are still to be refinished, but we're getting there!)

Tree in Urn: GreenUnderGlass, Pendants:


Erin said...

Love it Kat!

ashley said...

hi, we just bought a house that has a similar kitchen ceiling light as your before picture. we were concerned about when we replace it, if there would be a big faded square on the ceiling.. did you have any issue like that or other issues related to the shape of the original light?

Kat said...

Yes, there was a big faded square where the previous light was located. We painted it, and bought texture for it to match the existing ceiling. It was a pain! But we are pleased as punch with the results so far.

Not your goddess said...

Wow, very nice. Love the sofa!