Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Newbies

please note that any white house sculptures seen in my work are inspired by artist Chrisi Brown.

I'm so very excited to have added some new terrarium shapes to my repertoire!


The Oak Leaves said...

I love these! very nice! Thanks so much for the credit!

Charmaine said...

Hey Kat....do u do these???? they r so lovely n such a nice way to bring greenery into a home. Just wantd to ask whether it was ok fr me to feature these in my blog, I look at it as a work of art n am an avid art blogger myself, plz check my blog, http:/ckdarts.blogspot.com n let me know what u feel bout it. Its basically my attempt to deconstruct it in a way that will make it understandable for a lay person...anywayz keep the gud wrk n lemme know hw u fell :):)