Monday, February 15, 2010

New Butterfly installation

So, my sister recently purchased a home which had red toile wallpaper in the foyer that -ahem- was not her taste per se. There were two directions we could have gone 1) Tear the wall paper out and start anew, or 2) create a punk look with the toile wallpaper for a background and black accents. We went with door number two, as tearing out wallpaper is not a very fun task.
I think the result is quite nice.
On the other side of the foyer, not pictured in this video, we hung the Ung Drill frames from Ikea, again with the red toile backdrop that the previous home owners so copiously provided. All in all, she's quite happy now with her foyer.


Liubovi said...

Klasss!!!-it's in russian language-cool!!Are these butterflies-real or they are handmade?

Kat said...

They're handmade.