Monday, July 27, 2009

Woolly Pockets Garden Company

I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. More and more people are moving into smaller and smaller apartments. We're packed in like sardines sometimes, let's face it people. As a result of our newly found affinity for space saving ideas, vertical gardening is all the craze lately. Woolly Pockets truly does it right. Woolly Pockets are soft-sided nests for growing plants. They love to hang on walls and bring life to any horizontal surface in your home. Because Pockets are modular, they look great on their own and in groups, indoors and out.
photo courtesy of woolly pockets

Pockets range in price from $29-$247, and can be purchased here.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I would feel like things were crawling on me if that was above my couch...but still cool.