Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Funky Planter: Before and After

Above: Sad Planter
Above and below: Happy Planter.


The Oak Leaves said...

hello there,
this has to do with a past post...
i was wondering where you got your shrimp from for your aquatic gardens. i want to make one for my bathroom so badly. but every place i find shrimp for sale on line has conflicting info :(

thanks so much!
yours are so lovely and since im not in california ill just have to make my own :)

Kat said...

Hey there, It's very important to buy amano shrimp, (only one or two if it's a small container)because of the fact that they are dwarf shrimp, and love algae (ghost shrimp don't work as well for eating algae). I bought mine from a tropical aquarium store called Albany Aquarium. It's also important that your plants are in appropriate amounts of light. (some water plants prefer low light like moss). You're welcome to e-mail me for more info. I don't mind helping a fellow glass garden enthusiast!