Thursday, December 11, 2008

Air Plant Decor: no dirt, no mess

We are loving air plants (tillandsia) right now. No dirt and no pot necessary. Some indirect light and simple soaking or misting once a week is enough for these hardy plants. Although the above air plant is sitting in a pot, it's only there for looks. It could just as easily be placed directly on the dresser by itself.


Anonymous said...

i made the transition to indoor air plants a few years ago. once i realized i could keep the greenery (and the occasional flower) without the dirt, i was hooked. the ability to toss the plants in a favorite dish is an added perk, too.

paxton gate on valencia has a decent assortment of healthy air plants. where do you get yours?

Kat said...

I love Paxton Gate. However, most of my air plants come from Flora Grubb in the Bayview area. Berkeley Horticultural nursery is also a good source.